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Hedge Funds



Solutions for Traders

Arthika Currency Trader (ACT) platform provides professional traders with a complete end-to-end platform to prototype, execute and move to production complex and high frequency algorithmic trading strategies right away.

Traders can hire Arthika to deploy, in a matter of days, a complete, high performance, end-to-end platform that is ready to be configured and run both in UAT and real trading environments. Once the instance is created, traders only need to configure the platform entering their FIX credentials, and then the platform is ready for strategies to be connected and executed.

Arthika will typically host, run and monitor the platform for its clients, ensuring it is up and running at all times, and performing basic platform monitoring on behalf of the client.

The platform can be connected to all major FX venues through cross-connects or dedicated lines in order to minimize latency, although it can deployed in any data center as it runs on top of (dedicated) standard servers (typically high performance Xeon servers).

Upon request, Arthika can provide integration and connectivity services to professional traders – i.e. from negotiating liquidity providers with major brokers present in the market, to setting up cross-connects and network topology for optimal performance.

Arthika’s pricing model for traders includes a low fixed cost to cover for the dedicated hardware (essentially the servers and cross-connects as chosen by the client), plus a variable fee based on trading volume. This way, traders can get rid of expensive entry barriers to jump-start their trading activity and effectively “pay as they grow” their trading volume.

Hosted and delivered as a service with very low fixed costs, a dedicated platform can be up and running in days, allowing traders to connect it to their preferred venues and liquidity providers at full book level with a very low latency. Traders can develop and connect hundreds of different trading strategies concurrently, as the platform provides advanced accounting and risk management functionality (tracking each strategy’s P&L separately), plus advanced analytics.

Solutions for Hedge Funds

Professional level hedge funds can use Arthika’s platforms for rapid prototyping of algorithmic trading strategies, and subsequently moving winning strategies to production with a reasonable performance.

This can be achieved by deploying an instance of the platform in a hosted, cross-connected environment, effectively providing internal and external traders to quickly prototype, test and evaluate new trading strategies very quickly and at a very low marginal cost – compared to using their own internal, professional level infrastructure.

Successful strategies can then be quickly scaled up either by deploying a second dedicated Arthika platform instance, or migrating them to the hedge fund’s internal infrastructure. Consequently, this provides a very cost-effective way to test promising trading ideas brought by internal and external trader candidates, while ring-fencing the maximum risk to be assumed before assigning largers amounts of margin and increase their trading volumes.

Professional hedge funds managers can make full use of Arthika’s advanced accounting model, as they can establish differentiated equity pools to assign margin to individual traders or trading teams, and they can monitor and evaluate the results of individual strategies and groups of strategies separately – which enables them to detect winning strategies and teams to be subsequently scaled.

Arthika provides complete, end-to-end trading environments for hedge funds for a low fixed fee to cover for servers and connectivity, plus a variable fee based on volume.

Solutions for Brokers

Professional level hedge funds can use Arthika’s platforms for rapid prototyping of algorithmic trading strategies, and subsequently moving winning strategies to production with a reasonable performance.

Many brokers today face the challenge of providing state-of-the-art, high performance trading solutions for the retail and institutional clients worldwide. Most of them can only offer either manual trading interfaces (many times the ones offered by the venues they work with, on a white or gray label basis), very basic, heavy client-based algorithmic trading solutions, or a FIX connection right away.

Arthika’s platform can enable FX brokers to offer a much more advanced, yet convenient, trading platform for serious algorithmic traders willing to work with them. To do so, Arthika can easily customize, deploy and operate a complete trading environment on behalf of a broker partner on a white label basis. The broker’s clients can then connect to their brokerage account through Arthika’s proprietary API solution and trade right away with them, avoiding the need for traders to develop their own trading platforms – which represents a huge barrier to entry to most of them.

Through partnering with Arthika, brokers can differentiate themselves by offering a hugely more powerful and high performance API connection in comparison to other white label solutions available in the market, readily available in a matter of hours or days. Traders can connect through an API REST from their own premises, or brokers can offer as well hosted trading solutions for high frequency and low latency applications as well – thus giving their trader clients a full spectrum of solutions depending on their specific needs. Besides working as a platform provider for brokers on a white label basis, brokers can work as resellers of Arthika’s platform for their institutional clients as well.

Solutions for Banks

Hedge currency exposure solution brings cost savings

Many banks today face challenges to manage the currency exposures they generate when acting as market makers / counterparts to their retail and corporate clients. In most instances, banks hedge their currency exposures manually or through batch processes (i.e. not in real time), thus incurring in higher than necessary trading costs when their exposures go naked during long periods of time.

Arthika can provide banks with customized solutions to algorithmically manage their access to liquidity and hedge their fx / currency exposure, potentially producing huge cost savings in comparison with manual solutions. Initial (basic) hedging algorithms can be written very quickly using Arthika platform’s smart routing capabilities and auto hedging algorithms, and can then be maintained and enhanced on a continuous basis by the banks themselves.

Arthika typically engages with banks through custom projects to deploy its platform, connect the bank’s internal systems to your preferred liquidity providers, and customize hedging algorithms to manage the bank’s fx exposure in a customized, algorithmic way – that helps you save millions a year in hedging costs.